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Meet The Team


Marc Burnat

His sports training in skiing goes through Spain TD2 (sports technician) and Austria.


At the same time, he obtained his university studies Diploma in labor relations from the UAB.


He began his activity as a ski teacher at the La Molina school in 1996.



Natalia Mariela

In the winter of 2002 she settled in Ushuaia- Tierra del Fuego- Argentina, where she discovered her passion for teaching winter sports, both cross-country skiing and alpine skiing.

That same winter, she began to forge her curriculum by taking her first steps in the snow garden at the Cerro Castor school.



German Sagastume

From a young age his parents taught him to enjoy alpine skiing and snowboarding.


Graduated in CC of Physical Activity and Sports from the Inefc of Lleida, he decided to specialize in alpine skiing and since then he has been completely linked to the world of snow.

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