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Natalia Mariela Concistre


Natalia's Story

In the winter of 2002 she settled in Ushuaia- Tierra del Fuego- Argentina, where she discovered her passion for teaching winter sports, both cross-country skiing and alpine skiing.


That same winter, she began to forge her curriculum by taking her first steps in the snow garden at the Cerro Castor school.


In the 2005 season, she entered the AADIDES training courses and today has approved entry to level 2 of said institution.


Parallel to the Argentine training course the Spanish Sports Technician level 1 in terms of specific training is concerned, in addition to a course for the teaching of cross-country skiing.


In Buenos Aires she trained as a Plastic Arts teacher.


She has worked doing double seasons since 2006-2007, combining the Cerro Castor school, (where today it is a reference due to its age and the number of classes required)


In the Aran Valley, her time at the CAEI stands out, where she worked at the base school. Later she became part of the Cuylas School staff, working with classes of all levels and ages.


In the 2013 season she joined the SKI ACADEMY project where she grew personally and professionally

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