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Want to try a different discipline in the world of snow?

Ski Academy offers the possibility to introduirt'he Telemark or improve.

Telemark is a discipline of Nordic skiing.

Born in Norway 's Telemark region of the same name, about the year 1825.


Telemark is the origin of what is now the modern ski when in antiquity discovered how to make curves in the snow while snow down the mountains.


The evolution of the material has enabled currently Telemark is a discipline very attractive dynamite. practicing telemark have a fine complement to the slow downhill because it works very balance, sensitivity, and is a perfect tool for improving our angle, and ankle flexion.

Telemark skiing allows us apart and make exercise a more active, get a different kind of feeling due to its lightweight and soft material.

The feeling on the skis mobility is much higher. With Telemark we can also consider making journey and walk with skis with the help of skins.

We encourage you to try this new experience .

If you are a skier will be easy to develop , and if you get one started a higher degree of flexibility in your skills .

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