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Marc Burnat Clemente

Barcelona 1975

Marc's Story

His sports training in skiing goes through Spain TD2 (sports technician) and Austria. At the same time, he obtained his university studies Diploma in labor relations from the UAB. He began his activity as a ski teacher at the La Molina school in 1996.


His already long resume includes:


  • 4 seasons in the Catalan Pyrenees


  • 1 French Pyrenean temp escola d'esqui Llivia,


  • 6 seasons in Andorra Grandvalira, working at a club (Pas de la Casa Grau Roig) and at school simultaneously.


  • In the southern hemisphere: 5 seasons in Chile, the Termas de Chillan school and the screeching ski club where he became technical director of the same.


  • He has currently been working for 8 seasons in the Aran Valley.


  • He initially worked at the Ainhoa ​​Ibarra club for 3 seasons and later was the teacher coordinator at Cuylas School for 3 more seasons.


Regardless of his job CV, Marc has skied in a large number of European ski resorts (France, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Norway) and South America (Chile and Argentina), which has given him great knowledge about the different types of skiing. land.


In love with the Telemark, his favorite hobby and escape valve.


In 2013 he started with the Ski Academy project of which he is the founder.

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